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SEXKULT is the solo project of NYC music producer, visual artist, & DJ, Bryce Churchill.

Bryce began his music career in Los Angeles at age 15, playing lead guitar in a local Joy Divisi​on-inf​luenced post-punk band called The Thorns, co-writing and playing opening slots for Christian Death and other luminous goth and industrial acts. Since he was under the legal age to enter many of the clubs, he often had to be secretly snuck into the venue by the other band members.

In 1994 he moved to Las Vegas and began recording at home on 4-track tape, experimenting with acoustic and electronically processed sounds. After returning to Los Angeles to finish his multimedia degree at UCLA, he relocated to San Francisco where he interned for Permission Magazine, simultaneously discovering the burgeoning underground IDM and drum’n’bass scenes of the late nineties. He soon became a featured writer and reviewer for Urbans​ounds, as well as a co-org​anizer and resident DJ for the magazine's weekly IDM event. Eventually, he built his own home studio and began producing electronic music.

Feeling a need to further his unders​tanding of musical theory, Bryce Churchill sought out formal training. He landed in San Rafael to study with the world famous classical Indian musician Ali Akbar Khan, who mentored Ravi Shankar (tutor to George Harrison of the Beatles), studying sitar and vocals for three terms under the maestro.

Bryce then relocated to New York City, and from 2008-2010 he hosted and served as resident DJ at number of underground warehouse events throughout New York City under his IDM alias Cecil Grey, including Vitamin B, House of Hearts, and Movement NYC. He co-founded Newroz Recordings with Ayesha Adamo in 2012, a music label and recording studio in Brooklyn, as well as their collaborative Indie Dance side project—Alchemical Disco. His DIY roots led him to build most of his own custom pieces of analog studio gear that help capture his unique sound.

SEXKULT: The Utmost In, his 2004 debut release, mixes elements of electronica with alternative rock, Bryce has created an original strain of modern music that will appeal to fans of Underworld, Love & Rockets, and Massive Attack. Like these artists, Bryce has blended the best of underground dance music production styles with lyrical songwriting.

The inspiration for The Utmost In came during the turbulent period immediately after 9/11. It is a concept album, telling a story of disill​usionm​ent and self-doubt in a world overwhelmed by conflicting visions of the future. The character in this story is lost, wandering in a cloud of confusion and chaos. He finds a glimmer of hope, a vision of his highest ideal, that seems to be an answer to every question. But alas, it ends up being just another illusion… In a moment of complete despair, he finally opens himself up to every possibility and eventually finds fulfillment of the original vision of his dreams.

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